Grace and The Victory Riders

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Production & Tour Management:
Jerome Degey 561.818.7769

Management: Jana Fisher 212.414.0505 x134

Promotion: Greg DeVito 212.414.0505 x110

Grace and the Victory Riders Biography

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New transplants to the U.S., Grace and The Victory Riders are an internationally known band with a number one hit and a gold record to their credit. Their message-driven, passion-fueled music combines world rhythms with folk roots and soulful songwriting, all informed by a global perspective. A globe-trotting nomad, singer-songwriter Grace eventually put her rucksack down in Paris, where she met the multi-genre guitarist and record producer Jerome Degey. Her musical lineage and socially conscious message and his virtuosity were thus combined, leading to energetic, high profile opening sets at French underground clubs, and eventually appearances on major television programs and festival stages across the world. This ultimately led to a major label record deal, and Grace’s 2008 debut Hall of Mirrors (Mercury / Universal) produced a number one hit— the folk / soul single, “Imagine One Day”— a gold record and an avid international following. Their second album, Made for Change (Mercury/Universal) drew rave reviews and strong sales in Europe.

Grace’s music and her biography are integrally intertwined. Some are fortunate to find their muse, but fewer are actually born of a muse, and Grace Young—or simply Grace—is one of those rare souls. Born in a little cabin in the forest in Nova Scotia, Grace is the daughter of ’70’s rock icon Jonathan Edwards and folk singer / songwriter Carolina Edwards. She was the love child of the peace and love movement, and she was raised on music. Grace was even watched over occasionally by the likes of Emmylou Harris when she couldn’t accompany her parents on the road. If these early years are too much of a fairy tale to believe, Grace’s life continued to unfold like a song. When she was seven years old, Grace moved to Kenya with her mother, who was now pursuing a humanitarian mission. Over her formative years, Grace lived in or traveled extensively throughout Africa—particularly Senegal and Ethiopia—and Europe, South America, North America and the Indian subcontinent. A nomad by circumstance, Grace eventually settled in Paris, where her artistic career fully flowered.

Now based in South Florida, with its zesty blend of cultural and ethnic flavors, Grace is ready to light up North American stages with her soulful vocals and the hard-driving, American-based Victory Riders band, made up of accomplished musicians— each a veteran performer who has worked extensively major recording and touring artists. They invite you to enjoy their lively, enthusiastic shows that never fail to bring audiences to their feet… and to join their tribe in an honorable movement for peace and unity.