Booking: Tom Baggott

Marketing & Production Advance: Mike Rivard

(hospitality & production)

Short Bio: Club d’Elf has been captivating audiences for more than twenty years with its mixture of jazz, hip hop, electronica, avant garde, prog-rock and dub. More of a collective than a band, Club d’Elf is an ever-shifting group of musicians built around the foundation of bassist / band leader Mike Rivard and drummer Dean Johnston. Each show features a different line-up of some of the most sought-after players from the jazz, DJ, rock & world music scenes of Boston and New York, such as John Medeski & Billy Martin (MMW), DJ Logic, Marc Ribot, Skerik and Marco Benevento, and the result is a unique experience in every performance.

Under the tutelage of frequent “member” Brahim Fribgane, the band absorbed Moroccan trance influences early on, and frequently adds this element to the mix. Audiences of all persuasions are mesmerized by Fribgane’s oud stylings and Rivard’s commanding playing of the sintir— a three string bass lute used by the Gnawa people of Morocco, a mystical Sufi brotherhood of trance and the guitars, turntables, Fender Rhodes, laptops, horns and tablas that swirl around over the top. With this trance orientation at the core of the Club d’Elf aesthetic, and a rare ability to unify a broad range of musical stylings in a sound of their own, the band is equally appropriate for late-night festival sets for the rave/Burner crowd as it is for an arts center audience.