Booking: Tom Baggott

Marketing/ Social Media: Dan Appel – 215 518 8113

Production Advance Contact: Larry Levin – 610 247 4491
Production & Hospitality Rider

Tour/ Business Management: Bob Stirner – 856 313 1003

Short Bio:  Box of Rain pays tribute to the formative and most prolific period of the Grateful Dead, 1968-74, channeling the Haight-Ashbury sextet at the height of their songwriting and improvisational prowess. The hallmark of this era was Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, the original frontman and founding member of the Grateful Dead, whose inimitable vocals, stage presence, organ, percussion and harmonica was a gigantic part of the band’s initial appeal and a huge influence on their sound and that of the Bay Area scene as a whole.

Unlike nearly any other Dead tribute show, Box of Rain embraces Pigpen’s gigantic influence, and includes harmonica in their all-star lineup that features current and former members of Dark Star Orchestra, Zen Tricksters, Living Earth, Boris Garcia and Dead On Live. This is good ol’ Grateful Dead at its best…