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RA: Tom Baggott

Tour Management:
Dylan Merritt (615) 587-0240

Red Light Management
Maxx Cua (615) 400-0798

(hospitality, production, stage plot & inputs)

Short Bio:

This rock ’n’ roll band from Nashville heads into 2018 with wind in their sails and surging demand from fans of Southern soaked, metal infused, guitar heavy jam rock and funk. Starting with an East Coast tour in support of the release of their crafted, radio friendly album, Reactions, at the end of March, Backup Planet left a profound mark on club and festival audiences from Great Outdoors Jam (FL), Phunkberry (AR) and Summer Camp (IL) to Wormtown (MA) and five sets at Bonnaroo. Backup Planet will release a live album in the Spring of 2018 that captures the energy, improvisation and top flight chops of the live show that turns heads everywhere the band plays.