About Us

hop·lite (hoplīt). n. a heavily armed foot soldier of ancient Greece. Free citizens, Hoplites were responsible for procuring their own armor and weapon. Many famous philosophers, artists and poets fought as hoplites, in a phalanx formation, with shields on their left arm, protecting themselves and the soldier to their left. A phalanx was only as strong as its weakest elements, so Hoplites had to trust their brothers in arms.

With a notable track record of success discovering and developing major artists, extensive relationships at all levels of the business, and the perspective gained from more than 20 years of work in the music industry as an agent, manager, promoter, writer and performer, Tom Baggott launched Hoplite on January 1, 2012. Baggott’s passionate advocacy for his artists and no-nonsense, straightforward approach to business established a company culture that values hard work, creativity and respect for the needs of buyers and artists alike. Hoplite quickly became a top choice for up-and-coming talent and a great alternative for established artists seeking more control over their careers in today’s tickets and t-shirts music business, and operates from the agents’ home offices in Burlington, VT and Chicago, IL, representing an eclectic roster of talent throughout North America.