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hop·lite (hoplīt). n. a heavily armed foot soldier of ancient Greece. Free citizens, Hoplites were responsible for procuring their own armor and weapon. Many famous philosophers, artists and poets fought as hoplites, in a phalanx formation, with shields on their left arm, protecting themselves and the soldier to their left. A phalanx was only as strong as its weakest elements, so Hoplites had to trust their brothers in arms.

Starting off on the stage in Burlington, VT’s late 1980’s music scene, Hoplite founder Tom Baggott has built or aided and abetted the successful careers of scores of artists and music industry professionals. Hoplite, launched in 2012, is the culmination of his decades of experience, strong relationships in the music industry and a long and growing track record of discovery and development of some of North America’s great live bands.


Fax: 802.419.3332

Contracts & Deposits:
Cara Baggott– 802.489.5112

PLEASE NOTE: Artist booking, marketing and production contacts, promo assets and riders are on each individual artist page, below the photo and social media and website links.

Artist Submission Guidelines:
Hoplite is a highly in-demand boutique agency that is the exclusive representation for a select roster of talent from all over North America. We build solid, sustainable careers on the basis of our experience, your vision, desire, and work ethic, and our collective hard work and ethical business practices. Hoplite is both a premiere development house and a home for established artists simply seeking more hands-on, experienced attention and strategic vision than they may currently receive.

We represent artists who share the tour-based philosophy of the agency and represent us appropriately in the way they conduct themselves and handle their business. We keep the roster small to maintain the highest level of representation for our clients. In addition to meeting our high musical standards, our artists are selected based on where they do business already, how they fit in with the roster- complimenting it, rather than conflicting or creating redundancy- and what their business profile adds to our national business and the roster as a whole. Yes, this is a business, and we handle the A&R process accordingly.

Whereas we understand that part of our job is to create demand for our clients, we do need something to work with, thus, we have fairly high criteria for representation and we are not seeking artists who are looking to get their start in the touring business. Our clients must already do “hard ticket” business in their home region, and must be able to support the touring effort with strong marketing and promotion.

Hoplite is a company based on the notion of family and we want people to feel like they have found a home when they come here, so please take the time to explore the roster and do your research on us. If you think this is a good place for you, please send the following materials to submissions@hoplitemusic.com:

  • Link to your website.
  • Link to your Facebook page.
  • Link to a download or stream of your current release.
  • Link to a YouTube page and / or a recent video of a live performance .
  • A simple list of your top 10 current touring markets, with a rough estimate of your hard ticket draw (this means how many tickets YOU sold for the show, not how many people were there for the headliner, or in total).
  • A detailed tour history for the last 12 months. This history should have the date, city and venue, ticket price, what you were paid, number in attendance, number paid for you (your own hard ticket draw) and total merch sales. If you were the opener or a support artist, please indicate who the headlining band was. If it was a soft ticket event, please indicate this, as only hard ticket draws indicate what you are really worth in a market. Please note that a soft ticket is a free show, festival, private party or college show where the burden of the draw or ticket sale was not on you. A hard ticket is one that requires you to sell tickets to get folks to the show.
  • Information on who is behind the scenes. Do you have a manager, a sound engineer, tour manager, merch person? Who handles your promotions? What type of vehicle do you travel to shows in?
  • How many shows a month are you available to perform and properly promote?
  • Anything else that will paint the picture of who you are.
  • -$4,000,000.00 submission fee (OK, just kidding… are you reading?)

Heads up: this is a business that deals with many details, and the way you handle the submissions process itself is an indication of the way you conduct your business. Please understand that we receive lots of submissions and it takes time to review them properly. Please don’t call or email us more than once to make sure we have received your email. We will get back in touch with you either way.

Many thanks for considering Hoplite for your touring needs… carry on.