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hop·lite (hoplīt). n. a heavily armed foot soldier of ancient Greece. Free citizens, Hoplites were responsible for procuring their own armor and weapon. Many famous philosophers, artists and poets fought as hoplites, in a phalanx formation, with shields on their left arm, protecting themselves and the soldier to their left. A phalanx was only as strong as its weakest elements, so Hoplites had to trust their brothers in arms.

Starting off on the stage in Burlington, VT’s late 1980’s music scene, Hoplite founder Tom Baggott has built or aided and abetted the successful careers of scores of artists and music industry professionals. Hoplite, launched in 2012, is the culmination of his decades of experience, strong relationships in the music industry and a long and growing track record of discovery and development of some of North America’s great live bands.

On April 15, 2019, Tom Baggott accepted the position of Executive Director at SpreadMusicNow, Inc., a Connecticut-based non-profit dedicated to providing music education to underserved youth. Hoplite was carefully shut down, after a monthlong process of wrapping up tour calendars and placing its clients at other agencies. Here is a link to the formal announcement from SpreadMusicNow.

Thank you for the years of great work together!


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