Thank you, good night!

In case you missed it, I recently accepted an offer to serve as the Executive Director of Spreadmusicnow, a nonprofit committed to providing high-quality music education to underserved children. You can check out my Facebook post about my retirement, but in short, I have no doubts that this career change is the right move for me, and there is no way I would have taken this step if I didn’t believe wholeheartedly in the mission or if I didn’t feel up to the task. Still, closing down a business that I have built and grown along with over the last 25 years was not an easy decision. I am proud of my tenure on the job, and I am profoundly grateful to the artists who put their faith in me and trusted me to help them to achieve their dreams. I also know that I would have accomplished very little without the continued support of the countless promoters, club owners, talent buyers, managers, agents and other music industry professionals who have inspired me, believed in me and encouraged me over the decades.

Whereas I may be stepping away from the agency and artist management world, I am looking to bring my years of relationships and music business experience into this new role. I have some ideas as to how we can work together to support Spreadmusicnow’s mission of funding high-quality music programs in and out of the classroom that put students on a clear path to college, career, and life success. You can learn more about this great organization at

We have hundreds of shows coming up, and they will all play out as scheduled and contracted, but if you have any questions or issues moving forward, please don’t hesitate to email

Bret Peretz will continue on with roster of artists- Chachuba, LaGoons, Schema and Space Kadet– and can be reached at

Peace and best wishes to you all!

Tom Baggott
Executive Director
SpreadMusicNow, Inc.


SpreadMusicNow, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization